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Nadeem Oozeer

SKA SA Scientist

Cape Town, South Africa  |  born in Mauritius

Advisor | Outreach Education and Fun Activities

Nadeem Oozeer grew up on one of the beautiful African islands, Mauritius. He began his journey of discovery in 1998 with a BSc. (Hon.) in Physics. His degree paved the way to a Masters thesis focusing on the deconvolution techniques of radio images from the Mauritius radio Telescope. Tuned to the radio wavelength, he pursued a PhD looking at multi-frequency observations of extragalactic radio sources.

 Aside from his research he also felt a strong push to share his knowledge with the community around him and uplift the state of STEM education.

This drive lead to several teaching positions in Physics, Mathematics and Computational Science at various secondary schools as well as the University of Mauritius. In 2009 he was awarded an SKA fellowship to pursue a postdoc at the Harthebeesthoek Radio Observatory (HartRAO) which lead him to his current position as Commissioning Scientist for the SKA SA, as of March 2011.


Dr Oozeer continued his scientific involvement with the public through the Human Capacity Development (HCD) programme of SKA SA. He has been awarded various grants to expand teaching and research in radio astronomy via the Joint Exchange Development Initiative (JEDI). His field of interests include multi-wavelength extragalactic astronomy, Active Galaxies, Galaxy Clusters, Machine Learning, Education and Public Outreach (EPO) in Africa and transformational HCD.


When he is not pondering and sharing the mysteries of the cosmos, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing or playing football, as well as occasionally jumping on a plane to discover the world with his son, exploring new cultures, meeting new people and experiencing new food.

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