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Dejene Zewdie


Addis Abeba | Ethiopia

Road and Activity

Dejene Zewdie Woldeyes was born in Shewa Robit, Ethiopian. He studied Bsc. in
applied physics at Debre Berhan University in 2016, MSc. in the Astronomy and
Astrophysics at Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI), Entoto
Observatory and Research Center (EORC), Ethiopia 2018.
His research interests are in properties of local galaxies, growth rate, formation, and
evolution of galaxies or active galaxies and their relation to the properties of local
galaxies evolution and the morphological transformation in the highest growth rate.
Besides his research activities, Dejene actively engages in public outreach programs
fostering astronomy and space science in Ethiopia.
Dejene is an active member of Ethiopian Space and Science Society at Debre Berhan
University branch.

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