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Our first trip in October/ November 2017

Astrobus Team

Alemiye Mamo
Behailu Dereje
Carla Von Münchow
Dejene Zewdie
Eyerusalem Tamirat
Getachew Mekonnen
Getinet Feleke
Mekbeb Tamerat
Nebiha Shafi
Yabebal Fantaye

Logistics Team

Abinet Ezra
Beza Tesfaye
Dagmawi Mekonnen
Kedir Yimer


Special Thanks
Abel Amare
Abeje Lemma
Rediet Aseffa
Tewdros Assefa
Kebede Tadesse

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Astrobus-Ethiopia is an astronomy, arts and innovation based outreach project to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in the youth. We believe the fusion of science and art has always been a big part of expressing complex ideas and inspiring creative thinking in a society. The first Astrobus-Ethiopia event was in October 2017. We travelled to eight towns in Ethiopia for ten days with a team composed of scientists, engineers, architects and artists. Our program included different activities involving science, innovation and art. In most cases, we had different stations categorised by areas of interest such as learning about the Universe using different demonstrations about astronomy, activities involving robotics, clothing fashion design suitable for space. Throughout the event we were able to engage with many students - we reached about 10000 students from about 40 schools. Our project was able to successfully deliver scientific and abstract topics in ways that are accessible and relevant to the the lives of the audience. We believe that the incorporation of art and innovation with science contributed significantly to the success of the project inspiring students to develop scientific and critical thinking in every aspect of their lives.

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