What is Astrobus Ethiopia?

A mobile science-art-innovation outreach program that is carried out by driving a vehicle from place to place in different locations in Ethiopia.



Our Mission

Stimulating a culture of critical thinking to realise a society that is competent in a modern world.



How are we planning to do that?

Through the use of exciting science, art and innovation activities. Our programs are guided by the desire to create an ecosystem that facilitate the exchange of world views and direct contacts between students and professional scientists, artists and innovators. We believe that these contacts would inspire, empower and connect generations and foster excellence. 

The Astrobus Ethiopia project combines activities in Science, in particular Astronomy, Art and Innovation to inspire students and the general public about the scientific method and its impact in the modern world.

Why Astronomy?
Why Art?
Why Innovation?

The modern world we live in today is possible because we humans collectively and incrementally deepen our understanding of the laws and mysteries of nature through basic science and innovation. Along these science and innovation endeavours art has always been there to nurture our imagination, passion and devotion.

We strive to setup an environment that best helps students to understand the processes involved from conceiving an insight to transforming it to knowledge and further to using it to invent solutions that improve daily life.

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