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Future Events
Expanding Ideas

We are constantly improving our activities and strategies to inspire, empower and connect students such that our mission is realized in the countries we operate.

You can find the latest concept notes around our philosophy,  aspiration, and strategies we are following here.

If you have suggestions and comments about our past or planned programs, please let us know your opinion. If you have experience in outreach activities focusing on critical thinking, please connect with us to share your experience.

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Mentoring System

In our effort to help students connect with professional scientists, artists and innovators, such that they can share ideas and their stories, we are trying to set up a mentoring system that will allow students keep inspired even after our event. This will also expand our reaching capacity by engaging with students that we have not necessarily meet in our event. We are designing this system following a lot of feedback we received from people who want to be part of this project but can't travel and students who have so many questions and ideas.

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