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Mekbeb Tamerat


Addis Abeba | Ethiopia

Road and Activity

Mekbeb Tamrat Reta was born in Addis Ababa in December 1994. He attended his primary school education in the Armenian Kevorkoff School, and upon completing the sixth grade, he joined Saint Joseph School found near Meskel Square in Addis. After enjoying six wonderful years there, he followed his inclination for the Natural Sciences by choosing physics as his chosen field of study in Addis Ababa 0University (AAU). Three years later, he graduated with great distinction from the College of Natural Sciences in AAU in 2016.

He has experience working as a research assistant in a joint project conducted by the College of Educational and Behavioural Sciences in AAU and Durham University aimed at identifying the level of conceptual understanding eighth graders have regarding their physics lessons and the challenges teachers face in the teaching-learning process. Following a two year spell in this project, he was able to secure the position of Assistant Researcher in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics in the newly established Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, a position he currently occupies. He collaborates with his physics and engineering colleagues on various projects, and is involved in research activities in Stellar, Extragalactic and Cultural Astronomy. He spends his spare time reading books about the history of mathematics and physics, and welcomes discussions about astronomy and astrophysics. He also enjoys reading novels, watching movies, and participating in planned activities. He also pursues as much reading as he believes necessary to realise his ambition of becoming a full-fledged and well-rounded physicist. People interested to contact him may reach him at

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