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Mihret Kebede


born in Addis Abeba | Ethiopia

Art and Music

Mihret  kebede was born in Dessie and graduated from Addis Ababa university School of Fine Arts and Design in painting with distinction in  2007. She then took a one-year photography course with Desta for Africa (DFA). She also received a certificate award of recognition as the best practicing artist in 2013 from Ministry of culture and tourism, Ethiopia.

The materials that she uses have a kind of special meaning for her and take her art works half way as she stated. Mihret also writes poetry as one way of expressing herself in the pursuit of something beyond consciousness. In addition to her painting training she uses different materials and Mediums such as fabrics, threads, shoelaces, menstrual-blood, nets, photography, video art, performance with a wide range of experimentation.

Mihret has participated in several local and international art exhibitions, workshops and residencies, poetry recital programs and collaborative art projects. Beyond her artistic practices she is known for organizing local and international artistic events and festivals.


Mihret is also known for her successful public art performance she did in 2012 called Slow Marathon between Scotland and Ethiopia with the participation of 506 people from all over the world which was focused on connecting people with different cultures and political back grounds. This project was a way to test realities of nation building and identity formation in different countries, border laws, geographical and political barriers, visa restrictions that ban people moving from one place to another. Giving a chance for the real people to have the real conversation about themselves instead of having somehow corrupted information built through Medias and news sources was also another main target for this project. This project has now become an annual walking performance event happening in Scotland, UK with the host of Deveron arts.  For more info on slow marathon:


Mihret has been collaborating with studio Olafur Eliasson and institute fur raumexpetiemnte in Berlin since 2012 where she also had a solo show during the same year. After her show in the studio, she continued participating in the studio artistic activities like exhibitions, workshops and performances including the publication of a collaborative audio CD of Poetry and jazz performances that participated poets and musicians from Berlin and Addis Ababa. For more info on projects:


She is also collaborating with Vienna art academy since 2014 and worked on production of art works, performances, workshops, and seminars and participated in the publication of collaborative book project, school of commoning between Alle School of fine arts in Addis Ababa and the academy. She has also screened the video of her work at Mumok, Vienna in 2015.


Mihret Recently co-organized the first Addis Video art Festival which has received submissions of 530 international video artists from 76 countries. Now she is also working on its 2nd edition together with the Initiator of the festival Ezra Wube, Ethiopian Multimedia artists based in New York. For more info about the festival


Mihret is now doing her MA in arts at Alle school of fine arts and Design, Addis Ababa university. Silence has become her main topic that she works on and also would like to investigate more as unwritten and non verbal communication language in different cultures when negotiating with varieties of social and political happenings.


Mihret is the founding director of Netsa Art Village, Artists collective as well as the founding Manager of a popular monthly poetry and Jazz event called Tobiya poetic Jazz in Addis Ababa.

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